A Gathering for Rural Women and Their Allies

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The Destiny Assembly, now in it's 11th year, is a unique opportunity for rural women – isolated by language, culture, time, distance, and lack of resources to connect and gain strength from one another, their allies, and workshop leaders as they develop strategies for change through education. Over 100 rural women, teenagers to elders, gather together - cutting across racial, cultural, geographic and class boundaries. These women seek better economic conditions and educational opportunities as well as improved health care, for themselves and their families. The Assembly gives them the unique opportunity to learn from social organizations, rural experts, and each other. A key component of the Assembly is the welcoming of allies from cities, suburbs, agencies, unions and universities: women whose mission coincides with the empowerment of rural women.The workshops are a starting point for them to learn about how to continue their education and become advocates for themselves and their families in doctors’ offices and schools, as well as in their own homes. Women and girls are encouraged to develop their voices and share their stories.

The Assembly is innovative as it is the only gathering of disenfranchised rural women in New York State (that we know of) that is developed and directed by women and brings together such a vast intergenerational, interracial, inter-ethnic and inter–class diversity of women who want to work for change. This conference addresses the issues and hopes of the women in a practical and holistic manner and we also provide transportation, translation, and an education program & childcare for the young children (up to age 12) of participants.

The 2016 11th Annual Destiny Assembly offers a variety of workshops and speakers including:

  • Improving the Workplace
  • Rejuvenation through Movement
  • Motivation
  • Women's Health
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    Join me and over 100 grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and allies from around New York State to explore our destinies – where we’ve come from and where we’re going. - Ruth Faircloth, Conference Coordinator