Issues of immigration greatly impact the people served by RMM. This is especially true in the counties that border Lake Ontario where the Border Patrol has a greater impact.

In recent years, in an effort to stand with our immigrant brothers and sisters, RMM has sought to build bridges between recent immigrants and those who have resided in New York for longer periods of time. We know that we work with many who are undocumented, however we believe that all human beings deserve to be treated with respect and equality and should not have to live in fear.

We urge our brothers and sisters in the faith community to keep the humanity of men, women, and children front and center. We need discourse and action that begin not with 'the immigrant problem' but rather what to do with a systemic problem that exploits people. Let us not succumb to the pressures that create a system that places cheap and controlled labor as its centerpiece. Rather, let us work to ensure the well-being, rights, and dignity of those who work among us, by focusing upon the creation of an economic system that is just and pays a living wage.

The above quote is excerpted from RMM’s Theological Statement on Immigration.