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Hudson River/Catskill Regional Coordinator
Are you committed to change? There are many agricultural and food system workers throughout the Hudson River and Catksills region who are committed to change. Rural & Migrant Ministry is determined to stand with them and we need a creative, determined educator to lead us. Utilizing Participatory Education, the Coordinator will oversee the creation of a Leadership Development Program with, and among food system workers (especially farmworkers) throughout the region that leads to systemic change. This will take place as we collaboratively develop a new Rural Worker Education Center.

Working hand in hand with the Executive Director, the position has several fundamental components:
1. Establishing a Rural Worker Education Center that will be a Center for both farmworker and farmworker ally Leadership Development.
2. Outreach within the farmworking and rural worker communities.
3. Coordinate regional activities within the Hudson River region for Rural & Migrant Ministry

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Youth Economic Education Coordinator
For the past seven years, participants of the Youth Economic Group (YEG) have worked to create their cooperative business Bags for Justice which designs, silk screens, and sells tote bags and t-shirts, with messages that advocate social justice. We are looking for a Coordinator who has the determination and skills to help this program continue to develop as a rare opportunity for rural youth to participate in a cooperative business and a Youth Leadership Program dedicated to empowerment and social justice. Most importantly, we are looking for someone who sees her/himself as both an educator and a leader.

Working hand in hand with the Executive Director, the position has several fundamental components including:

1. Strive to build upon existing efforts to create a sustainable program and business
2. Supervise and coordinate staff, volunteers and interns within the Program
3. Appreciate the rural setting and drive great distances on a regular basis
4. Have a vision, as well as honor the vision of the members – seeing this endeavor as a partnership
5. Appreciate the challenges and possibilities of working within a small but growing organization
6. Be comfortable working with allies in the faith, labor, business, social justice and academic communities

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Summer Camp Director in Long Island
The Director, working with the Associate Coordinator of the Riverhead Rural Worker Education Center, and RMM’s Youth Education Coordinator, will help develop the curriculum for the program, and then implement and oversee the program. The Curriculum will be based in popular education and will seek to nurture leadership development skills within the participants. This is a part-time, temporary position.

Specific responsibilities will include:
1. Help develop the Curriculum utilizing our theme for this summer which is RESISTANCE!
2. Oversee the development and implementation of program (including on-site daily direction)
3. Direction of all staff including college interns and volunteers
4. Work with the Associate Coordinator to oversee the recruitment of campers and the application process including direct communications with campers and their families.

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Long Island Coordinator
We are looking for an individual who has a vision of, and a strong committment to justice, with the leadership and skills to effectively coordinate the efforts of others.

The Long Island Coordinator is in charge of Rural & Migrant Ministry’s emerging presence in Long Island. Working hand in hand with the Executive Director, The Long Island Coordinator is responsible for three primary areas:
• The further development of our Education Center in the eastern end of Long Island.
• The continued development of a network of faith and labor-based allies and donors throughout the Island, Brooklyn and Queens.
• The coordination of the Justice for Farmworkers Campaign on Long Island

Working hand in hand with the Executive Director, The position has several primary components:

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