A Just World in the Making

The Youth Economic Group is an innovative group of high school students in Sullivan County. YEG


We seek to...

  • create a new model of economic opportunity for young people in the Catskills by building a youth-led cooperative business
  • raise awareness of issues of injustice that affect our communities and advocate for a more just world for all.
  • Bags for Justice

    One of the most powerful tools YEG uses for self- empowerment and community education is the management of their own Cooperative business, 'Bags for Justice.' Members design images that they then silkscreen onto tote bags sourced from Envirototes . The business brings out the youth's creativity and leadership, as members learn essential life skills that include: public speaking, marketing, time management, communication, design, and silkscreen production.

    The bags are being sold around the state at many events. Contact us to bring a 'Basement Bags' table to your venue.
    NEW: You can now purchase bags online! http://bagsforjustice.com

    Contact Juanita Sarmiento, YEG Coordinator.

    YEG unity shirts