Summer Day Programs in the Mid Hudson Valley and Western New York, each serving several counties, provide a vital service to working families and offer many young people a first-time experience in personal enrichment and nurturing. For many young people, these Day Programs represent the first step in a long relationship with RMM and with each other, during which they are given the opportunity to develop skills and attitudes that will enable them to identify, face and overcome barriers that confront them each day of their lives.

RMM staff and volunteers provide transportation and meals to over 30 children who participate in each two-week Program. Much like RMM's Summer Overnight Leadership Camp, our Day Programs are Arts based and carry out their theme-based program (this year the theme is 'Words') utilizing volunteer professional artists and educators.

As children of low-income, rural and migrant farmworkers our children are often overlooked and underserved. The Day Programs offer a step in the beginning of their journey to empowerment.

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