Exhibición de Arte: Rompiendo la Pared

El Grupo de Artes de Jóvenes presenta una exhibición de piezas estructurales creadas durante el verano del 2015, que explora el tema de la solidaridad entre el Negro y el Marrón.

Una continuación de la exhibición del 2014 La Pared, que se enfocó en las barreras cuales enfrentan las familias indocumentadas, Rompiendo la Pared se enfoca en el potencial de las personas de color trabajando junta, para poder lograr cambio estructural.


Art Exhibit: Breaking the Wall

Youth Arts Group presents an exhibit of structural pieces created during summer 2015 that explore the topic of Black and Brown solidarity.

A continuation of 2014 exhibit The Wall which focused on barriers that undocumented families face, Breaking the Wall focuses on the potential for people of color to work together in order to achieve structural change.


Albany DREAMers Film Premiere

NYSUT and RMM are pleased to present the Capital District premiere of DREAMers Among US, Winner of the Hudson Valley International Film Festival and Greater Washington Immigration Film Fest for Best Short Documentary!

Film subjects and current Youth Arts Group members will be at the NYSUT auditorium to introduce the film and answer questions about the process to make a professional, quality short documentary about the lives of Hudson Valley undocumented students.


Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium

100 high school students from Liberty, South Fallsburg, and Monticello business classes are joining YEG for a day to explore the entrepreneurial mindset. The main focus is the YEG Challenge in which student teams come up with an idea for a new venture in Sullivan County that uses a cooperative business model. The teams receive guidance from coaches in order to come



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