Fred Wibiralske was born to be among people. Throughout his thirty years’ involvement with Rural & Migrant Ministry, Fred has been a vital part of every significant march, rally, protest, and vigil as well as more than his fair share of meetings. During Fred’s leadership as President of the Board of Directors, RMM developed its current three programmatic areas - Youth Empowerment, Education and Accompaniment. It was Fred, at a critical point in RMM’s history, who proclaimed firmly that the essence of RMM was advocating for, and with disenfranchised farmworkers. Fred reminded everyone that this had been a central part of the founding of RMM. Thus, RMM began its immersion into the Justice for Farmworkers Campaign.
Fred is humble regarding himself, yet firmly assertive in honoring and including others. It is this combination along with his long tenure and always being ‘present’, that has earned Fred deep respect as well as grateful admiration.

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