The Very Reverend Margaret A. Peckham Clark (Margo) has been the Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Roslyn, NY since 2003, and serves also as the Dean of North Nassau in the Episcopal Diocese of Long Island and as the Clerk of the Cathedral Chapter. She previously served as the Vice-Chancellor of the Diocese from 2006-2012. Margo is a graduate of the General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church, New York Law School and Hunter College. Margo has a passion for and extensive experience in issue and community organizing, and food and justice issues are within that, a longtime pre-occupation! Margo has worked as a Campus Organizer, Food Safety Issue Coordinator and Chair of the Statewide Board of Directors of the New York Public Interest Group, Incorporated (NYPIRG). She has worked in the legal department at the Community Service Society (CSS) in New York City and as the Education Coordinator of Food and Water Incorporated. From 1996-98 she served as law clerk to United States District Court Judge Bruce M. Van Sickle in the District of North Dakota. She completed the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) 'ten-day training' in 2000, and coordinated the first ever seminary based IAF ten-day training at General Seminary in 2001. She is honored and delighted to join the RMM Board.

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