I am an active retiree. I volunteer for my Unitarian Universalist (UU) church, the local YMCA, the Rochester Early Childhood Development Initiative, and co-facilitate the Rochester Children’s Film Festival. I became interested in Farmworkers Rights via a Social Justice General Assembly for Immigration Rights in Phoenix sponsored by my denomination.

After helping organize an educational initiative for the UU churches in the area, featuring book groups and organizing a presentation focused on the grueling work endured by farmworkers, I joined the Building Bridges training at R&MM. This experience eventually led me to the R&MM Board. I have much to learn, but hope to contribute to the efforts of so many who are dedicated to the issue of Farmworker Rights.

During my full time work life, I taught elementary school, became an early childhood school principal and then the Director of Early Childhood for the Rochester City Schools. When I retired from the school district, I was appointed as faculty for the University of Rochester, and worked with Children’s Institute, focusing on research and training aimed at children’s social-emotional health. This is still a major interest of mine, but I find R&MM a road to broadening my knowledge and commitment to the goal of social justice for all.

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