Building Bridges is an intentional training program for congregations and groups interested in partnership with immigrant communities. The goals of this ten month multi-faith pilgrimage are to help participants create/enhance an effective outreach ministry among immigrants through the participant’s congregation that is: 1. Relational, 2. Involved in systemic change and, 3. Transformative for the participants.

We use the word pilgrimage because we believe that this will be an exciting journey for the all of us engaged in this process as we strengthen our own faith and explore the opportunities that the Spirit places before us.

Representatives from six to eight congregations from different faith backgrounds - through support of each other and Rural & Migrant Ministry – will develop/enhance an outreach ministry in their congregation, with an immigrant community. At the end of our time together, each congregation will have:

  • A sustainable outreach program/project
  • A network of support
  • A stronger theological and theoretical foundation for outreach
  • A deeper relationship with the people of Rural & Migrant Ministry

If you would like to sign up lets us know. Programs take place periodically in the Hudson Valley, Rochester metro area and Long Island.