In all honesty, RMM is often to be found in the 'middle of nowhere' (though for us it's home). Therefore it is hard for allies to get a handle on the issues of rural New York State, and even harder to get a clear picture of the breadth and impact of RMM’s programs. It is also most difficult for farmworkers and other grass-root leaders to be able to tell their stories, or to invite people to join them in their quest for change. Thus, we have created a way to bring people together! We call them Delegations.

RMM has a long history of bringing people together through Delegations. Delegations take place over a one or two day period. These gatherings offer workers, youth, and others involved in RMM the opportunity to get to know people who want to be their allies They also offer allies the chance to meet people, better understand their working and living conditions, and to hear firsthand of their issues and hopes.

Delegations involve traveling to one our Centers. From there, an experience might involve touring the area, meeting with the leaders of our programs, and sharing a meal. For faith groups there is also the opportunity to engage in Bible study. It is our expectation that people will participate in Delegations with the intent of committing themselves to work for change. Therefore, a key component of each Delegation is the brainstorming that takes place between allies and the members of RMM.

Through the years we have witnessed remarkable changes that have arisen from Delegations. Some of the most powerful changes have come from leaders of our programs who feel affirmed that allies have traveled a great distance to learn about their efforts. And fair warning! We have met a number of our Board members through Delegations!