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Become an RMM Advocate!

Many, many people help to bring Rural & Migrant Ministry to life in New York State. They contribute talent, time and/or treasure to RMM’s Mission of 'creating a just, rural New York State by Nurturing leadership, Standing with the disenfranchised, especially farmworkers and rural workers, and Changing unjust systems and structures.' You might be familiar with some RMM Staff or Board members, but often less known are volunteers. And then there are those we call advocates, people who publicly support, champion, and/or promote RMM through a variety of actions, examples of which follow.

As RMM lives into creating a just, rural New York State, we invite you to become an RMM ADVOCATE. By becoming an RMM Advocate (take the pledge) you commit to the following for a year:
1. Commit to ONE action/activity EACH MONTH. (Can change each month.)
2. Allow us to hold you up as an RMM Advocate in our social media.

We realize that publicly supporting or promoting RMM’s programs and activities requires patience, commitment and perhaps even courage. Is this why Cesar Chavez prays (in his Farmworker Prayer): “Grant me the courage to serve others, for in service there is true life.”

Possible Actions/Activities for an RMM Advocate (choose at least one for the month)

1. Join us at a rally, vigil or court hearing (we frequently need to appear in solidarity on behalf of workers.)
2. Write special prayers on behalf of RMM to be shared at one of your congregation’s worship services.
3. Write a letter, or call your State Senator, Assemblyperson or the Governor and tell them you want them to bring the Farmworker Fair Labor Practices Act to the floor for a vote.
4. Read the Menu of Hope and bring its message to the attention of your religious or civic group, or union. Pages 9 – 14 of this Menu give numerous suggestions for important action on behalf of immigrants. Choose one and ACT.
5. Initiate a fundraising activity on behalf of RMM (our office can help you with materials: 845-485-8627) OR, write a letter, or tell someone about RMM and urge them to support us!

We will be sending out other possibilities through our electronic newsletter, RMM NOTES each month. All of these options are in our online pledge, so it is a reliable way to share your contact information and interest.

If you are looking to be involved in a deeper way, here are some suggestions for a short term project:

1. Invite an RMM speaker to a religious, educational, civic or other group. Speakers might be a Staff or Board member and/or an RMM youth has who gained experience through one of RMM’s Youth Empowerment Programs. (Contact our office at 845-485-8627)
2. RMM is looking for a Volunteer Coordinator in the Poughkeepsie office, and volunteer opportunities are increasing at RMM’s three Worker Education Centers in Liberty, Riverhead, and Lyons. (Contact our office at 845-485-8627)
3. Support RMM financially, perhaps by becoming a monthly RMM SUSTAINER. One longtime supporter has been mailing in a donation to RMM every month for more than twenty years!! RMM can also now offer an automatic monthly draw down using credit card information. Contact Managing Director Laura Lecour (845-485-8627) to become an RMM SUSTAINER; she will see that your wonderful gift is processed each month.
4. Transportation is an ongoing challenge for RMM, as it is for any organization whose focus is rural life. Do you have a car or van or truck in good shape that you might donate to RMM? (Contact our office at 845-485-8627)
5. Volunteer to be on our Transportation list – and we will call you from time to time to see if you are available to help us get our people to a program or meeting. Note: for those who volunteer to work with youth, to ensure their safety, we do background checks and require Safe Space training. (Contact our office at 845-485-8627)
6. Help us recruit college interns for our internship program.
7. Organize a sale of bags or t-shirts designed and printed by youth-members of
Bags for Justice, an RMM youth cooperative business.
8. Organize a Coins For Change drive. What do you do with quarters, dimes and nickels at the end of the day? We suggest putting them in a jar as part of our Coins for Change effort. This is a good way to involve children in helping others. When the jar is full, count the total value and send a check for that amount to RMM. (Contact West at 915-443-4146)
9. Volunteer at one of our offices – once a month, once a week, or more - whatever works for you, will work for us! (Contact us at 845-485-8627)
10. Sign up to be on a roster of Interpreters and Translators. We have numerous events, actions, and situations where we need someone to help out. (Contact Laura, Managing Director 845-485-8627)
11. Be a Journalist for RMM. Wow! We are engaged in so many important and interesting things, and we need someone who can help write about them. There are plenty of one-time assignments. (Contact us at 845-485-8627)