Dear Friends,

Rural & Migrant Ministry (RMM) is having an impact in rural New York. Through determination,
persistence and creativity, and in collaboration with a group of partners, Rural & Migrant Ministry
is bringing about change.
The year 2014 saw the voices of rural New Yorkers increasingly being heard at the tables where decisions impacting their lives were being made. Prominent leaders in food justice movements called for the inclusion of labor when discussions about sustainability were being explored. Foundations involved in cutting edge agricultural development began to include farmworkers in their deliberations. Policymakers heard the voices of undocumented youth, the Dreamers, and began to explore how to make college more of a reality. Leaders in one of New York’s poorest counties witnessed the determination of their young people to create economic opportunities, and opened a building to facilitate their development.
Gathered around these tables, and in the midst of these important developments, were the people of Rural & Migrant Ministry. RMM offered safe places to gather and learn from one another and from others. RMM supported them as they developed their own leadership. RMM stood with them, and helped to add the voices of others when they called for justice and equality. RMM helped channel resources to them, so that their efforts would find traction and sustainability.
We are a diverse array of committed individuals acting to overcome the prejudices and poverty that degraded and debilitate people in rural New York State, by building communities that celebrate diversity, achieve true mutuality and fight for dignity and opportunity for all.
If you want to know more, or better understand us in depth, visit our web-site.
Thank you for standing with the people of RMM. Thank you for being one of us: living in hope and committed to justice and empowerment in rural New York State.

In Peace,

Ginena Dulley Wills, President
The Rev. Richard Witt, Executive Director
Laura Lecour, Managing & Development Director

P.S. If you find yourself moved by the people and programs of Rural & Migrant Ministry, we invite you to support us with a donation. Give us a call, or go to our web-site, and we will make it easy for you to
partner with us!