YEG is a challenging program that seeks members who will take advantage of the opportunity to be a community leader while receiving valuable work and educational experience.

High school-age students who live in Liberty, South Fallsburg, or Monticello school districts are eligible to apply to join the Group. Applicants submit a written request to join, and are interviewed by current members.

New members are called Apprentices, and complete an exciting 8-session training that covers the basics such as Oppression Theory, Business Bootcamp, Public Speaking, Accounting, and Intro to Silkscreening. Once the apprentice has completed graduation, she or he graduates to member, with all privileges, including the right to be a worker-owner in the business, complete with a vote for all decisions and a paycheck.

Apprentice Graduation 2015
Apprentice graduates, spring 2015

We welcome questions from potential applicants, their families, and schools and other community partners. Contact YEG Coordinator Dawn Hurley for information regarding the next opportunity to apply. Cell-phone: 845/392-7279